Microsoft Security Essentials and Genuine Windows XP on SP3 bootable CD

Discussion in 'General Computer Help' started by higer, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Oct 11, 2009
    Actually this is a problem on my latest question
    Unable To Boot Into Dekstop Windows XP SP1 Home Edition

    After all the installation,
    and the latest updates after the os installation,
    i get message,
    my Windows XP SP3 not genuine :(
    i tried to go to microsoft link givin on that resolving the problem thing about genuine
    and the sites says, it didnt exist anymore xp sp3 genuine validation,

    I didnt give up,
    I am tried to searching to finding the genuine_activation on google
    I registry it on my laptop,
    Yeah it worked and i can install MSE on my laptop based now XP SP3 Professional
    At here the bad problem was,
    it ignored the wireless devices

    When i rebooting (restart),
    The WGA and MSE ignored the genuine_activation that i registry before,
    So i had to registry again,
    Not only that it seems using that registry making my laptop had a slow performance than usual,

    I recommended to using Microsoft Security Essentials on the latest help,
    But i cant, because of not genuine windows product,
    Please help, i wanna install MSE and running to protect my system,
    And at least givin my laptop great performance and great protection,

    Sorry to hoping so much, its because i am already tired with reformatting windows, installing again,
    I am afraid if MSE didnt installed, my laptop didnt had a good performance,
    Thanks for reading and any help i will appreciate it.

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