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Windows 7 Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard connection issue after re-attaching to docking station



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I have just bought my second Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard which comes with the wireless number pad and mouse. First keyboard dongle broken due to wear and tear as i had to keep removing and reinserting to make the keyboard reconnect every time I remove my keyboard from the docking station and re-attaching it back.

Now my new keyboard, which I bought few days ago is also giving the same connection problem. I've tried attaching the dongle on my docking station. When I put back my laptop on the docking station, my mouse, number pad and keyboard all could not be detected. So I had to resort to removing the dongle from the docking station and reinserting.

Today, I tried to attach the dongle directly to my laptop to see if it's better. When a dock my laptop again, my wireless keyboard and wireless number pad don't work but only the mouse works.

I'm trying to avoid removing and reinserting the dongle again and again to avoid wear and tear. Is there another way to make the keyboards reconnect back after attaching back to the docking station? For spoilt dongle, can replacement be purchased from microsoft?

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