Windows 10 Microsoft Family Accounts are stuck



We had created MS family accounts for my kids, which were not working properly. I tried to remove those accounts using the online guides from my main account. From my account view, there are no family members or a group that exists. I tried to re-create the group and send invitations to my kids' accounts. They receive the invites and when they try to accept the invitation they get an error message stating that they "must first leave the existing family". HOWEVER, as stated previously, those accounts no longer exist in my main account view and there is no way to remove them, to start over. When I log into my child's account I see the members of the previously created family group, but I have no way to manage that group. It appears that I have a set of zombie accounts that cannot be removed and are also preventing my family from joining a new group. As stated before the directions to remove a child account do not work for me as the options to remove the account are simply unavailable in my views. This is ridiculously frustrating.

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