Windows 10 Lockscreen Win-Spotlight & Slideshow are not triggering after update 1803



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Since Update 1803, the slideshow and Windows spotlight do no properly start when the PC is locked or on inactivity.

Before the 1803 update it was possible to set a Slideshow album, Picture or Windows Spotlight and with WIN+L or on PC inactivity it would switch to the lockscreen and run the pictures with the system time, weather-apps, etc. in the lower left corner.

Since update 1803 the lockscreen slideshows ONLY trigger on first system boot. Afterwards, when the user uses WIN+L or waits for inactivity, the lockscreen displays only the first picture of Spotlight and no slideshow starts. The system time is not displayed anymore.
Setting the lockscreen to Slideshow, the lockscreen will only show a blank screen and not start the slideshow and the system time is missing.
User needs to select a picture from the slideshow album as Picture option first and switch back to Slideshow.
Then, the lockscreen will only display this first picture and not start the slideshow.

Additionally, after boot up, when the user uses WIN+L, it may happen that the system time and slideshow are working. BUT ONLY randomly. I found no pattern if this works on 2nd, 4th or whatever screen lock attempt.
Most certainly, the slideshow and spotlight are not working when the PC goes inactive.


Before 1803, when waking the PC from lockscreen, the user did not need to enter his PW in case the lockscreen was triggered by inactivity. Only if the user used WIN+L the start the lockscreen.

After 1803, the PW is needed in both cases.

This really bother me ;)
I posted this in the feedback hub already with captured steps. Feedback Hub - Windows Insider

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