Windows 10 In reference to experiencing random BSOD screens with random error codes.

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Hi, so from past 20 days, I have been experiencing random BSOD while either browsing internet, or playing games. Firstly this occurred after the insider's update I got 20 days ago; At that time, I experienced a green screen, with some error code, which I couldn't note, since you know, AUTOMATIC RESTART !!! But then from past 2 days, the BSOD occurrences has been very frequent, like 30 minutes or so.

Some of the BSODs that I have experienced are, as follows-

  1. CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED - while browsing, on the internet, &
  2. SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION - during playing games on citra emulator.

Since, my overall windows bootup time, and core system functionalities are intact (BTW, I also ran diagnostics and it states NO system or memory errors), I would like to get immediate assistance over this matter, since now my system is just throwing random BSOD at any time.

BTW, I have never experienced BSOD before the last insider's update in June.

My system is DELL Inspiron 7572.

Please assist, Thanks !!

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