Windows 10 Icons don't display at their proper scales?



So you know the file/program icons on the taskbar, desktop, start menu, or in the file explorer? Ever noticed they don't always display properly? What I mean is, an .ico file contains multiple images at different resolutions so that the icon can be displayed at any scale and be pixel-perfect. But windows picks the wrong sizes and then shrinks/scales them.

For example, on my 1920x1080 monitor, the taskbar icons are 24 pixels, but it picks the 32 pixel image from the icon file and then shrinks it, making it blurry.

So far, the taskbar was the only place that icons displayed improperly, but now that I have a 4K monitor (with display scale 200% to compensate) everywhere BUT the taskbar displays wrongly.

In file explorer, when I set the view to large icons, they display at 192 pixels, but it uses the 256 image in the icon file and shrinks it. If I set it to details view, it displays at 32 pixels but shrinks the 48 image even though there's a 32 image within the icon file. Why does it pick the wrong size when the right size is readily available?

Hell I've tried making my own .ico files that contain only 1 resolution, and it will still display blurry.

Like with my first example, I made an icon that only supported 24 pixels, and put it on the taskbar, but it displays it blurry. As if it stretches it to 32 then shrinks it, since there's no 32 for it to grab. But why does it need to shrink 32 to 24 if 24 is available?

This is just a fundamental issue with windows and it's frankly embarrassing. I've seen an identical post to this a few times on this site and on reddit, sometimes dating back to 2015. What the hell? I want to ask how do I fix this but I get the feeling you can't. But just in case I'm coming here to ask.

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