Windows 10 I plan to sue Microsoft Corporation



If the only way to get attention from a human being at Microsoft Corporation is by filing a lawsuit in small claims court, that is exactly what I plan to do. It does not matter to me whether I win the lawsuit or not; I simply need to draw public attention to the fact that a 71 year old customer who actually helped Microsoft by testing its beta programs over the years, was treated shabbily by support staff after a tech crashed my computer and now I can't get anyone to talk to me about the difficulties I've been having ever since. I had to purchase a new laptop due to their incompetence and I would not have made a big issue about it if only they had the courtesy of making someone available rather than passing me from person to person and hanging up on me. I received the form to file the claim and am prepared to file the lawsuit even though it will cost me $70 I can ill afford on my Social Security income. The point is, maybe finally someone will address my problems I've been experiencing since this happened. I'm letting the community know about this because you should be wary. My email address is *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

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