Windows 10 I have new "principal" on my computer. "Trusted Installer" has full control. I am (was/should be) the only user on my computer and router.


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I have six "principals" (in "Groups and users) on my existing computer... I cannot change any permissions.

I reside alone, I should be the only user on my computer; Can someone tell me how to find out who these users are? I imagine the extent of these thugs' acts ...they know how to hide their origin...

MY QUESTION IS: sorry to yak so much!

I have two new laptops I don't want to be destroyed by these thugs. I need one for online use, and one offline to word process Superior Court documents. Is there any such way to remove all users but myself, and get my full control access back?

( I am asking this question in the USA... scary...)

I bought two new laptops- I need to know how to proceed with wired computers and routers to help avoid remote access..

My cell phone and computers have been hacked.. My USPS mail, even USPS Certified mail has been proven by witnesses (attorneys) to have been obstructed. My two recorded calls ( I have to record everything) to my oncologist's after-hours answering service had background noises consistent with when my ex-fiancé, a motorcycle cop when he would audit my landline phone calls - right down to the beeps 15 seconds apart and dispatch desk noises....... and my oncologist then stated ( I recorded it) his answering service never received a call from me on that day. These low life thugs are impeding even my cancer care.

The good thing is I have recorded proof; the bad thing is, only recently have these thugs not cared what evidence they are leaving behind ...( this last year out of 14 years.....yep.. .......14 years of this....)

I called 911 twice for EMT one year apart; both calls were disconnected. I had to call dispatch back.

I need to remove the wireless card from both , hopefully a new Internet provider will help me with a wired router. (if they exist anymore) and have this new computer completely offline.. ( You can tell I have no computer knowledge ) to keep Superior Court records offline. ( I am a Plaintiff in two cases connected with this harassment- these thugs even convinced process servers to botch my Court process-served documents )

I can't go to police, as this started when my mother evicted a deputy for non-payment of rent. He stated he could have our lives destroyed. This is how they got process servers to risk their licenses- a badge probably told them their license would be protected from my lawsuit... so sad. I am filing against them as they refuse to tell me who told them to botch my process services.

It is happening to other people too. This deputy was fired for reasons withheld from me, of course.

sorry for long question!

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