is a virus on my pc not router??



hello everyone,

my name is kamal and i am facing an issue with my hp omen laptop windows 10!

My pc out of nowhere started to be little slower. after some days I started to get MSN | Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest Videos in my browser and all my home internet connection stop when i get this redirect and the router gets all buttons off other than the power button.

So I thought it's normal but after several time this happening I directly turned off my network connection and started looking for a solution or reason for that.

I waited all night without connecting my laptop using my phone to see if the internet will go down to assume that this is a router issue as answered in other topics. but nothing happened my internet connection was very good and stable and no drops or anything wrong on router.

So i assumed that there is a malware on my pc causing this issue so i started looking the virus using windows defender!

after looking in services and in task manager for hours and reading articles on the web..

there was no threat found! i didn't trust windows defender to be honest. i started to backup some of my most important data and then i started a factory reset which deleted all data.

now after all what i had done to my pc it re-happened as soon as it is connected to internet connection!

i read in the previous topics answers that it is a router hijacking and the router needs a reset! but if my laptop is not connected there is no hijack?? this is a very hard situation i am in it and i really need help!

thank you in advance for helping me!

Sorry for my english

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