Windows 10 HP beats 15 notebook pc p016-au k2n84pa wi-fi problem after install latest update


Hi. My laptop HP beats 15 notebook pc p016-au k2n84pa has restarts frequently and no wi-fi option in settings when I update the latest version. Before I reinstall Windows, it freezes and restarts frequently, but can connect the wi-fi occasionally. But when I type the PIN number, it backs to the condition again and can't display the wi-fi icon again. After I reinstall Windows, there is totally no wi-fi option. When I checked the device manager, it does not display any wi-fi adapter either I start WLANautoconfig with automatic start. I checked the change adapter settings and also not display the wi-fi adapter icon. I download the wi-fi driver from and install it, also cannot display the wi-fi adapter and connect to wi-fi.

Have anybody can teach me to reinstate the wi-fi function?

Thank You.

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