Windows 10 How to re-installed Windows 10 from scratch



We have a workstation in our office that is just giving us trouble. Printing forms has problems, Office must be repaired every few weeks, the recycle bin is corrupt, other issues. This workstation was upgraded to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7 via This tool performed the upgrade and apparently used the existing Windows 7 license. This same workstation was likewise upgraded to Windows 7 from XP, and to XP from Vista. Some of these problems existed with Windows 7, e.g. Corrupt Recycle Bin, and those issues may have carried over into the Windows 10 upgrade somehow. Even though all office workstation use the same fillable PDF forms and the same network printer and driver, only this workstation has problems. I've tried having the forms re-created, installing updated PDF software, updated printer driver, etc., but nothing has worked.

What I would like to do is wipe the drive and reinstall Windows 10 from scratch, but lacking an actual installation DVD or Windows 10 license key, can I do that? I do have the Windows 7 license key.

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