Windows 10 How clean is a windows 10 clean install?



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I just went through two days of reading up on doing a Windows 10 "clean " reinstall from installation Media from THIS site (the reason was that after a system re-set my entire laptop was an explosion of every virus I've ever heard of. The reason for that:? AVAST, what else? After two days of preparing the disk and changing the settings on my laptop and backing everything up, and getting the g.d. Bitlocker key that i never wanted in the first place and product keys I did the reinstall - it went quickly and smoothly (that should have been warning sign number because nothing with this company goes smoothly anymore) I get aol new USB drives to use, double and triple check all of my settings and ..............not only do I have all the same sh*tware i had before, but it came in with a driver update virus that requires abouit 18 steps to get rid of. iI followed the instructions on the Microsoft site TO THE LETTER.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN MICROSOFT? As a mea culpa to the people who's lives you've made worse by forcing Windows 10 on them you should come up with qan operating system that fulfills the promise of your earlier days and give it to us for free. It's shameful. By the time I have to come to this site for whatever it is I feel like I've woken up in the middle of f a Kafka nightmare.

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