Windows 10 How can I get it to stop forcing me to do Windows 10 updates on my Computer?



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Every time I turn around, I get this 'nagging' thing in my Notifications Center (Or whatever you call it) trying to get me to allow them to do another update for 'improvements' onto my computer. But honestly, every time they do this, something new doesn't work any longer on my computer right afterwards.

One time they did these updates and my Volume Control stopped working, then my videos on YouTube started turning into just a black rectangle and I couldn't even watch them any longer, then this time my keyboard has started skipping letters. This is a brand new Lenova computer and a brand new HP keyboard that was working just fine before they did this update.

Is there any way that I can make them stop bothering me to do these updates? Because every time they to, to be honest I am thinking to myself, "Please no, not again!" and I start wondering and bracing myself for what is going to stop working this time around.

And if there IS a way to stop having these updates, would it cause any new problems on my computer? I have to wonder, is this some sort of 'testing' thing where they are just doing it for a different reason? Like Google Canary or something?

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