hello - how do I post on site?


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Hello site admins-

I have posted several times however my posts do not seem to show up, and I receive a message that my post must be approved first. Do you manually review all posts, and if so, when do you normally post the content- Daily, weekly, monthly etc?

i'm new to the site so just trying to understand how it works here.

Kurt L.


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Thank you very much, nice to know a real "human" is maintaining the site (which is oftentimes not the case .

What was triggering filters so I can be sure to watch my content?:)
I realize I did post links back to the company I work for but it was in the name of being helpful, not meant to be blatant promotion of any sort.

Happy Holidays-

Kurt L

You're good to go. Spam filters got a bit overzealous.
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