Windows 10 Headset not working simultaneously with headphones on Windows 10



my issue concenrs the audio settings I'd like to apply in order to play sounds from various applications such as YouTube or CoD: Warzone etc., while having a conversation and using the earphones' microphone .

As the headset/earphones I am using Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 2020.

Apparently the device works in two modes( or rather contains of two separate output devices) responsible for providing the sound:

-earphones(stereo), used while streaming music from spotify, videogames and other applications

-headset(with awfull sound quality), used whenever the microphone is active to perform an audio conversation.

In order to listen to the sound of the game I'm playing at the moment and use my mic, I am forced to set the computer audio output to the headset mode, which distorts the sound of the game.

The stereo modes works perfectly if I am not using the mic, othervise it mutes it self completly.

My goal is to at least find out if there is a possibility at all of setting the main audio output to stereo, and use the mic simultaneously, therfore having a conversation with a fine quality of music themes from my game.

Here is what I've already tried:

-trying to set the default audio output as Glaxy Buds+(stereo) and the default audio input as Galaxy Buds+(headset) in the Windows Control Panel, but the effect was such that I could not hear anything whenever the mic was used (nothing changed)

- trying to combine the input from the mic and other sounds that were being played at the moment through an audio mix program ("Voicemeeter"), but the outcome was still the same.

I will be very gratefull of any advices or solutions.

If the only way I can hear through my earphones while using the mic is by having the "headset" set as the output.

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