Hacked via Network Administrator who has given everyone "permission" to access my hard...



Out of vengeance or spite, my roommates (those who pay the landlord) have locked my "virtual" hard drive and/or uploaded it in more than one other "network," (there were never two before this happened).

I have proof, logs, screenshots. They are using Hyper-V and Bonjour (among others) and they literally have access to my entire life, including medical reports, finances, childrens' information, and copyrighted materials that have not yet been released to the public.

No one seems to want to get involved. I've contacted dozens of agencies, including the Attorney General, The DA, and the Police Chief. I want to take them to court, because there is no way they can answer any question without getting themselves in some type of trouble, since everything they are doing is (documented) illegal and I've done nothing wrong.

I am literally just a "guest" on [my own] account, and only have read/write privileges. I even did a Factory Restore and all the files "stayed," which means they are being stored elsewhere. I have copies of the two other discs they are hiding, and they aren't savvy enough to cover their tracks, so we are basically playing "games" of changing and switching every ten minutes.

For the past week, I haven't been on the computer or the network (they disabled my computer), but when I was able to get into safe mode, I could still see activity, even though I wasn't on.

I don't care about salvaging the computer, but I want them arrested. NY State is supposedly very tough on cyber crime, but no one will tell me what to do. I started with the police, and I've contacted about 15 other agencies, as well. One of the roommates works for Time Warner, and I've even contacted them about the breach.

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