Windows 10 Game installs lagging Windows 10



Greetings all!

I’ve attempted to install and run both Killing Floor 2 and Apex Legends on my system. It’s a brand new prebuilt from NZXT and it runs flawlessly... until... I installed these two games. Been running AC Valhalla so well and a few other games. I’ve installed them both through Steam and Origin. After install and running it up, on the next system boot everything gets wild. Programs barely start or wont at all(like game launchers), sometimes an SSD will vanish from file explorer or FE barely loads, and the system runs like it’s stuck in the mud. After I restore it, all is well! I was thinking maybe Direct X or C++ is an issue? Just looking for some insight before I throw a new Windows install on. I’m going to do one last check of all drivers as well.
Ryzen 7 3700X
16 GB Trident Z Skill RAM
X570 Aorus Master Mobo

All drives are WD. 256 M.2 for drive, 500GB M.2/2.5” 500GB for games.

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