Windows 10 File Transfer From PC To USB Thumbdrive Using Windows Explorer Has Problems.



I've been trying to transfer folders from my PC (folder on desktop) to my 2TB USB thumbdrive. I have a folder on my desktop that had about 20-30 folders that had anywhere between 1GB to 4GB in each one. Transferring them to the thumbdrive resulted in some of the folders on the thumbdrive to be empty.. I thought I heard a long time ago that Windows Explorer was not really reliable for file transfer.

Also, my usb drive transfer has been kinda slow at 10-12mb/s so I went searching online and they said you can speed up the USB transfer rate by going to device manager and selecting the device, going to policy and selecting improve performance, that increased the initial data transfer rate to 30-60mb/s but starts slowing down and bottoming out almost acting like its not transferring at all, I'm talking all the way down to 300kb/s slow, not sure if that was accurate and still transferring or bottomed out and not transferring, never got an error so I dont know.

I don't have much faith getting an answer since it appears Microsoft tends to close threads awful quick when I search this site for answers to different problems, seems like nobody gets much help here but any help anyone can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

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