Windows 10 External monitor RED color turn BLUE after update and restart.



Hi everyone.

I have a weird problem.

When I connect my laptop Dell M4700 (GPU k2000m), to the main external monitor I use Lenovo 24'' L2440p wide, colors are messed up.

That happened after I did hibernation of the PC before update. - not sure if related. Currently Windows 10 pro 1903 18362.113

I have tried to reinstall nvidia drivers + new drivers.

I have tried to do color calibration.

I have tried to change the color profile. currently I left the official from lenovo

I have tried to change the color settings from nvidia panel.

When I connect another PC to this monitor, monitor work OK.

When I connect my PC to another Monitor/TV colors are perfect. (so its related to my PC -> this lenovo Monitor)

Checked color tint/high contrast settings/night mode.

Any ideas would be helpfull.


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