Windows 10 Ethernet connection drops out but Windows 10 thinks there is no problem


Dan J Nielsen

I have a very strange problem where randomly, perhaps once a day, my web browsers and email will fail to retrieve data from the net, yet other minor services (e.g. Telegram messenger) continues to be connected. Windows 10 network settings shows the connection to be working and can't troubleshoot (because it finds no problem), whilst IPCONFIG commands report 'media disconnected'. I am only able to resolve the problem by rebooting the computer. The router is still connected to the Internet fine, as WiFi continues to work.

My setup is:

- Windows 10 PC

- Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

- Connected to router via Powerline

Steps tried:

- Updated Realtek driver = Fixes nothing

- Reset Powerline adapters (as I said, there has to be some kind of connection, as certain programs remain connected) = Fixes nothing

- Enable and disable all network drivers = Fixes nothing

- Troubleshoot network connection = reports "no issues"

- IPCONFIG = "media disconnected"

- Connect to router dashboard = Doesn't connect

It's as if just my browsers and email client lose their use of the network connection, whilst Windows 10 itself thinks it's still connected, but IPCONFIG thinks it isn't. Like parts of the system think they're connected and other parts think they're disconnected. This happens perhaps once a day at a random time, and can only be solved by rebooting. Then everything is fine again (but given that it takes 15 minutes to reboot my computer, it can seriously disrupt my workflow).

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.


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