Windows 10 Enable page flipping with comma/period in Pinyin IME


Hello Microsoft Pinyin developers

I noticed that after the update in March 2021, flipping page with comma/period is not supported.

Unless I check "Use previous version of Microsoft Pinyin" option in the IME settings, otherwise I have to use PgUp/PgDn.

I 'd like to tell that flipping page with comma/period is useful and PgUp/Dn is not convenient for users of specific keyboards like HHKB. Hope you can consider to bring this feature back, or create an option for it in the settings. Thank you.


在 2021-03 的更新后, 我发现中文输入法默认无法使用逗号/句号对候选词翻页 (可以使用 PageUp/PageDown 翻页).

我在设置中勾选了恢复到前一个版本 (Use previous version of Microsoft Pinyin) 后逗号句号又可以使用了.

我想说逗号句号翻页有人使用, 而且对于某些键盘如 HHKB 的用户来说用 PageUp PageDown 将非常低效. 希望你们考虑恢复此功能, 或在设定中给出一个允许继续使用逗号/句号来翻页的选项. 谢谢.

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