Windows 10 Does "Create Windows 10 installation media" need to be done on the PC it's being used for?


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Do I need to download and create the Windows 10 installation media tool on the computer I want to use it on?

Or do I just need the Windows 10 Key for that particular computer?

I.E., Can I use the created "Windows 10 installation media" tool (like on a USB stick) on any computer? Won't I need the Windows 10 key for that particular computer to make it work though?

I am talking about the Windows installation media tool from this URL:

Download Windows 10

I have a Iview laptop that has issues with the Windows 10 installation and I would like to do a reinstall to see if it will correct the issues.

This Iview laptop has only a non upgradable 32GB eMMC SSD which doesn't seem to be updateable. The only option seems to be using a USB Windows 10 installation media tool to make sure a clean installation is installed.

I was able to do a Repair already but the issues were not fixed.

I just don't want to use an USB Windows 10 installation media tool and then not be able to have an authorised Windows 10 installation.

So. anybody?



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