Windows 10 Disappearing files - it's not funny anymore


Tomas Burian

I own several devices with Windows 10 some time ago I lost a large amount of data I had stored in a folder on the desktop of my work laptop (I work with media). I looked everywhere and even tried multiple data recovery programs. I never managed to recover anything because the system acted as if the files had never been there. No recovery data, no backup, nothing.

Yesterday it happened again, I moved a folder on the desktop into another folder, also on the desktop. This morning I started the computer only to find that the folder I moved is missing! Why? Why do you make a product that literally eradicates the user's data? And how do you do it so that it's not even possible to recover it?

Needless to say I've tried the offered solutions here in the support but none of them got me my data back. I wonder, am I the only one who has this happen? Why do only some files disappear while the others are untouched? How do I prevent this from happening?

Any help/opinion would be appreciated.

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