Windows 10 Computer shuts down after graphics card installation when under heaven load, however temperatures are not throttling, and are well within safe limits.



I built a computer 3 years ago, and a few months ago I installed a new graphics card (3060ti) It seemed to work fine for about a week or two and when I moved it, the problem began. This does not necessarily mean it was because of the movement of my setup but it could be. When I am playing games the computer seemingly "black-screens" the monitors show no signal while the computer lights stay on and fans stay running. I hear some audio but not all, and the computer usually restarts itself after a few minutes. I have closely monitored temperatures and GPU is safely around 70 Celsius under the heaviest load before it shuts off, and my CPU a mere 40-50 Celsius. The computer only shuts down when playing intensive games, but it has happened on rocket league which is confusing. It seems the more power that is drawn the higher chance it shuts off. I have well enough power in my power supply, a corsair 650 watt bronze 80+ with my 3060ti 6gb, i5 8600k and 16gb ram should have absolutely no problem from what I looked up. I have updated drivers, used different wall outlets, used different cables, checked for viruses, and fully cleaned my computer. There are a few other things I've tried but I won't mention because I may have not done a full enough job trying to fix it in that area. Is there any possible solution to my problem? I've scoured the internet for answers.

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