Windows 7 Can't uninstall service Pack 1



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Hello to everyone, am about to pull what hair I have left on my head out!! Hope this is in the correct section, my apologies if not.

Cannot install ANYTHING as I get an error saying "can't access windows installer . . . . " (or something very similar).

I watched a video on YouTube explaining that I need to uninstall Service Pack 1 , it shows up when I go to Control Panel\System and Security\System, BUT it doesn't show up to uninstall it, when I go to the uninstall or Installed Updates????

Can anyone tell me HOW I can uninstall this Service Pack 1 when it isn't showing up on the uninstall program page or . . .UGH!!!

Thank you in advance from a frustrated win7 ultimate user.

Patrick J

P.S. I am running Win7 Ultimate X64 on a HP laptop (Pavillion DV7 6c95dx, w 16GB ram, I-7)

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