Windows 10 Can't log-in to Microsoft Store



I attempted to sign into the MS Store to purchase Forza Horizon 4, but was unable to do so. When I tried, I got the error"We encountered an error. Please try signing in again later".

I am not logged in a local account.

When I ran the Microsoft Accounts Diagnostic I found in one of the threads about this issue it stated that my device isn't trusted and that it can't connect to the sync service. I attempted to go to the sync your services section in settings, but the system just hangs up at this point.

I have attempted several other fixes that have been suggested, but I remain unable to use the store. I am unable to log in on my desktop, but it appears I am able to on my laptop.

Is there something that could be corrupted on my desktop, or a known fix for this issue? Thank you.

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