Windows 10 Cannot find the compatibility tab on an exe. file




I am having trouble finding the compatibility tab under properties of an exe. file.

I am going through tech support for an issue about software i downloaded from them. they want me to change the DPI settings within the compatibility tab, but i dont see the tab. I right click on the exe. file, choose properties, and i should see a compatibility tab but i dont. I am using windows 10.

He provided the below instruction once i reach the compatibility tab.

"the goal is to disable high DPI settings. So if there is a checkbox next to this that you can activate in order to disable or override high DPI, click it to activate. If it asks what you want the scaling to be performed by (it may not), you should have the default option to pick "Application". If your menu shows a "Change high DPI settings" button that opens a new window, there may also be a Program DPI setting that says "Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program...". Enable this as well."

If there is another way i accomplish his instructions that would help as well.

Please help.

thank you


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