Windows 10 Cannot delete folders or files on my PC in OneDrive folders




I have never experienced a problem like this. It started in the last few weeks. I run Windows 10; fully up to date (incl. October 2018 update).

Problem: I am unable to delete any files or folders on my PC in the OneDrive folder (and sub-folders).

I can rename and move them on the PC; but I cannot delete them. When I delete them in Explorer, nothing happens.

I am logged in with Administrator permissions. Files on Demand is OFF. If I go to OneDrive online then I can delete the files and folders no problem. It is just the PC (i.e. client) that I have an issue with.

If I un-link the PC then I can delete the files or folders; when I then re-link OneDrive never stops processing changes and I am again unable to delete files / folders. I left it for a week and OneDrive just reported processing 4 changes - it never finishes. I ensured all files on all platforms were closed so nothing on OneDrive was open - I even turned off my iPhone to be sure.

I have paused the sync and re-started; no joy. I have to un-link. I have un-installed OneDrive and re-installed several times.

I have also reset OneDrive with the Run command %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset. This resulted in it re-synchronising and approximately 170,000 changes being processed (I have about 320Gb in OneDrive) and it took many hours. Afterwards; OneDrive was in sync and I could delete files / folders on the PC; however, within a few minutes I could not. I have done this five times now - it has spanned several days - and on only two of these occasions could I delete the files / folders afterwards.

I am open to any fresh ideas you may have out there. Is anyone aware of any known / recent issues with OneDrive client? Perhaps, is there an application that causes havoc with OneDrive?

Here's hoping.

Thanks in advance.


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