Can trojan virus hide under Windows Defender?



So I got trojan virus from downloading software from some shady websites ( I admit it was wrong and stupid of me and I decided to never do that again lol )

I detected it with Windows Defender immediately ( within an hour ) and removed it

But the next day I did my routine full scanning, I'd discovered that the virus was still there

I asked an acquaintance who was in the IT field or something similar to help since I'm very clueless about topics like this

He get in with Autodesk and did things

I scan it with Windows Defender again

There were none and I initiated Safe Mode

So far there are no virus detected in my routinely scanning anymore but I've got some questions.

I'm afraid that Windows Defender might not detect viruses that remain

I have zero knowledge about things like this and doesn't want to bother the same acquaintance again after him spending hours on fixing my problems last time

So the questions being:

Can viruses hide beneath Windows Defender? If so, how do I know if my laptop is safe?

Can I assume the whole virus thing is over since I've been able to use my laptop as usual and no threats have been detected from my routinely scanning?

I actually have my hard disk connected throughout the whole problem and I did a custom scan on it routinely too. There wasn't any threat found in it since the beginning but I can't help but get anxious over it. Can I trust Windows Defender's custom scan?

I hope this is all just my paranoia and anxiety taking the best of me again.

I believe me running my laptop through safe mode completely eradicate the virus, but I can't help second thinking so I think it's for the best to ask the community with people who are knowledgeable on these stuffs.

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