Windows 10 Bluetooth headphone connection problem following Windows 10 update




I have a pair of Sony headphones (model WH-1000XM3) which I use via Bluetooth. Following the Windows 10 update yesterday, each time I turn off or hibernate my laptop then turn it back on, the headphones no longer connect automatically. I've tried turning Bluetooth off and on on the laptop and tried removing and reinstalling the device. I've also gone through the Windows Bluetooth troubleshooting procedure but it hasn't helped. The only way to solve the problem is to do a factory reset on my headphones and re-pair them with the laptop. They then work again until I turn my laptop off. Once I turn it back on, they no longer connect and I have to do the factory re-set again. I assume this is a bug in the Windows update as I've been using the headphones for 6 months and never had this problem before yesterday's update. Many thanks for any help.

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