Windows 7 Bluetooth driver error Windows 7


RPS 3103

I am having Dell Inspiron 15 N5110 with specs as follows:

Processor : Intel Core i5-2410M

Ram : 4 GB

Graphics : Intel HD Family

OS : Windows 7 Home Basic, 64 bit

Recently I had to format my PC due to some issues which I did using the CD provided with the laptop. After installing a fresh copy of genuine windows, I also installed drivers for my PC using the CD provided by the company.

Everything was running smoothly until I once tried to connect my Bluetooth Headset to my PC. My PC was unable to pair with my headset. I reinstalled all the Bluetooth drivers hoping that it would fix my problem. But this didn't help.

In 'Device and Printers' I can see a yellow exclamation mark labelled on my PC as seen in the image below.

If I right click on it and then click on troubleshoot, then it displays as 'There is a problem with the driver for Bluetooth Server'.

I tried reinstalling the Bluetooth drivers many times and also restarting the PC but this didn't help.

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