Windows 10 Blue screen of death after disk check




This all started with a chkdisk command entered into command prompt. Upon restarting after this command, windows started repairing the disk. After being stuck on 11% for an hour, I (very stupidly) restarted my computer.

After that, windows started I soon started to habe issues accessing my own files: it said I didnt have permission to edit any new downloads. I restarted my computer after I lost internet connection.

Then, I got the blue screen. I have tried every option. It wont repair the disk, start from a restore point, or reinstall windows with files. I cant even boot into safe mode.

The primary drive is no longer "C:", it is now called "X:" in the command prompt. Scans show that there are zero windows installations. Fixboot command say that my access is denied.

What should I do? Should I just remove the hard drive, transfer my important docs to another computer, and buy a new hard drive? Or is there something else I can do?


James Lawson

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