Windows 10 Blue Screen Error after Hyper-V Hypervisor enabled


Zahir Sayyad

Dear All,

I have been facing issues with the laptop with constant crashes.

Earlier I thought the issue was with a faulty driver for Intel Management Engine 15.0 Software for Windows 10 (Version 1709 or Later) - ThinkPad T490s, X390 and tried many ways to update it but it didnt fix the issue.

I had to reset the laptop twice but finally realized that the issue was drivers but only occurs when I enable Hyper-V Hypervisor.

I have attached the latest minidump i.e. Minidump3. I have also attached older Minidumps prior to resets i.e. Minidump1 & 2.

Please advise how I can resolve this issue. As after enabling hypervisor the drivers dont get updated either through windows update or vendor website.

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