Windows 10 Automatic Boot repair loop



My laptop lenovo 315 ideapad is hung up in an Automatic Repair loop showing message for logFiles inside srtTrail.txt, possibly the reason is that I pressed the power button twice when booting. I have attempted all the solution options in below mentioned links -

1. Automatic Repair Error SrtTrail.txt

2. How to Fix SrtTrail.txt Windows 10 Error with Automatic Repair Loop

My main intention is to retrieve my onedrive folder, which contents significant data and the drive hasn't synced since january 2019, but crucial data updated on daily basis.

I am unable to perform reset option with keep my files provision in it, as it is unable to finish the operation.

I am able to access my dual boot Linux Ubuntu but the Onedrive folder shows up as unsupported reparse point and a file worth few KBs.

Lenovo diagnostics test shows failed for drive self test, short self test as failed leading to rigor conclusion of hard drive corruption. However, if that was the case I wouldn't have been able to access all my files through dual boot.

Possibly a windows 10 issue...!

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