Windows 10 advanced security settings owner account unknown



After my computer died I removed the C drive and installed it my new computer (which already had a C drive) as K drive

- I mainly wanted to access data files that were stored on that computer since the new computer had Windows 10 installed.

Today I tried to access K:\Users\Tom\My Documents and got this (BTW I am Tom)

Location is not available

K:\Users\Tom\My Documents is not accessible

Access is denied

I did right-click Properties Security and it looks like the owner is Account Unknown (probably me when it was C drive on the old computer)

There are many directories like this although many that open without a problem.

The funny part is that I have grayed out check marks indicating that I have full control.

- I assume that they are grayed out because "I" am not the owner.

I have tried the following:

Advanced security settings I clicked on Owner Change

and that leads to this

I Clicked OK but got the same Access denied.

How do I fix this?

Is there a way to fix it for the entire drive or do I need to do it directory by directory?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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