Windows 10 Additional drives do not appear (Storage > Change where new content is saved)



Hello everyone,

I have this problem, and I can't resolve it with the answers I find to similar questions.
(Repair files, repair permissions, scandisk, chkdsk, and so on...)

I am running Windows 10 Pro 1903 with latest updates.
I have 4 SSD and 1 hard drive in my PC.

Until recently I could change the save location for new apps, new documents, etc. with no problem.
I replaced an old SSD with a new and bigger one today, and since then, only my C: drive is showing in the drop down menu.
I can't move my apps either, the button is greyed out.

Could someone please lend me a hand to resolve this?
Many thanks in advance!

All drives are listed correctly:

No other choice than C: drive in any of these menus:

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